Our Courses

'Specialist Instructors’ Courses in First Aid and Home Nursing

Free 6 months Instructors course in First Aid and Home Nursing, in English media, are conducted by the college for two hours in the evenings - on Mondays and Thursdays in First Aid and on Tuesdays and Fridays in Home Nursing.

Qualified specialist instructors of the college will be able to train a large number of citizens in elementary First Aid and Home Nursing.

Admission is open to Graduates (preferably), teachers, factory supervisors and personal of essential service organizations. Call in person on the Commandant of the College at 21 New Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020, between 6-30 and 8 -00 p.m. on all days from 1st December to 20th December for January-June term and from 1st June to 20th June for July-December term.

The Bombay City Ambulance Corps

Jamsetji Tata Ambulance Corps